Sustainable in many more ways than one

Elsewhere we have spoken of how is environmentally sustainable, how our company only uses green electricity and, due to the open sourced nature of the code, how Kolab is more efficient and less power-hungry than alternatives.

But that is only the beginning., again because of the free and open nature of the technology we develop, also contributes to a broader economical sustainability within society. For one, Free Software undercuts monopolies that attempt to drown competition and puts into the hands of SMEs, non-profits and individuals powerful, enterprise-grade technological tools at a very efficient Total Cost of Operations (TCO). It's worth remembering that SMEs employ 70% of the workforce in the EU. Already in 2006 firms developing Free Software accounted for 565,000 jobs in Europe and generated 263 billion euros in annual revenue. Free Software empowers these firms and creates an economic line of defense against predatory multinationals.

And then Free Software is a generative technology, in that it grows from within itself. It's open nature promotes the dissemination of knowledge, creating a hotbed for further development and advancement. In universities and colleges, for example, Free Software allows computer science students to learn from the code, expand on it to create new and improved products for the real world, which in turn generates new startup companies, jobs and wealth. This is an advantage that no proprietary software company can match, regardless of the discounts students get for their applications.

Such is the case of Kolab, the motor that powers the Everything and each of its components is Free Software and can be downloaded, deployed as well as studied and improved.

By using and Kolab you collaborate in the progress of society, stimulating local economic growth and scientific and technological advancement within it.