No Foreign Data Reeves: Privacy Respecting Email Service Launched

On 1st of August 1291, over 700 years ago, a few free men swore an oath to liberty and their sovereign rights as free people. That passion for personal freedom and privacy has been central to the culture of Switzerland for hundreds of years and never lost its relevance, only transformed as times were changing. Today, you can choose to follow their example and liberate yourself from your feudal lords that govern the internet and serve your data to the US government and its helpers. You can make the choice to take back control of your communication and data without sacrificing your convenience or productivity.

On today's Swiss national day, Kolab Systems celebrates the launch of the professional email and groupware offer that enables you to do exactly that. The service is available to the general public for sign up immediately. It is hosted in Switzerland, because of its strict privacy law and run with 100% Open Source software which is developed in-house by Kolab Systems and called the Kolab Groupware Solution.

Therefore, is no ordinary email provider. It provides the full groupware feature set to its users. This includes multiple address books, shared calendars, task management and synchronization to various native clients and mobile devices. Managing personal data without Google is now easily possible for everybody.

This launch has been long in the preparation, Kolab Systems started the beta period in January this year. When the recent disclosures about PRISM by Edward Snowden have highlighted the urgency we decided to make it available in production as quickly as possible. In doing so we tried to do things right to the largest extent possible, including in our privacy policies and terms of service. This is the service that we would feel comfortable to use ourselves.

Even though individual users who do not want secret services to spy on them can benefit from, the service is mostly intended for businesses which are worried about the industrial espionage that is also conducted as part of PRISM. Therefore, it has been made possible to use an existing company domain with and migrate all employees to the new service seamlessly.

You can sign up for the service immediately, and if you wish assistance in migrating over your users and data into the new service, please contact us at